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In Antarctica in January, 2013—the summer at the South Pole—scientists released 20 balloons, each eight stories tall, into the air to help answer an enduring space weather question: when the giant radiation belts surrounding Earth lose material, where do the extra particles actually go? (NASA)


I heard what was said of the universe,
Heard it and heard it of several thousand years;
It is middling well as far as it goes—but is that all?

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

p. 391–6

Since vivid descriptive phrases such as “river of clouds” and “like a feathery fishing line” characterize the passage followed by “wondrous spectacle” to describe the night sky, the answer must be about nature’s beauty and noticing it.


Henry Davis, Explanations for the Official SAT Study Guide Questions:
Detailed Explanations for the Answers for Every Question

To show the difference between an occasion and merit and a button it is necessary to recognise that an honor is not forced so that there is no question of taste. To exchange a single statue for a coat of silk and a coat of wool is not necessary as there are appliances. A somber day is one when there is no pleading.

Made in haste, not made in haste, made in darkness, not made in darkness, made in a place, made in a place. The whole stretched out is not part of the whole block, the whole stretched out is so arranged that there is not stumbling but what is just as remarkable, pushing. An easy expression of being willing, of being hunting, of being so stupid that there is no question of not selling, all these things cause more discussion than a resolution and this is so astonishing when there is nothing to do and an excellent reason for an exchange, and yet the practice of it makes such an example that any day is a season.

To be sure that the trees have winter and the plants have summer and the houses painting, to be sure of this engages some attention. The time to place this in the way is not what is expected from a diner. The whole thing that shows the result is the little way that the balls and the pieces that are with them which are not birds as they are older do not measure the distance between a cover and a calendar. This which is not a question is not reverse and the question which is a question is at noon.

A cause for disturbance rests in the fact that more time is used in a long time than in a short time. There is no criticism when the time is long. The time is so long that an answer comes promptly. This is so much the more satisfactory as the occasion for an answer is whenever there is cause for a question. The difference between this and no elaboration is extreme. No elaboration is not achieved in a question nor in an answer and this which is so eminently satisfactory is that there is no doubt that there will be no reason for the occasion. To be faithful is to be accustomed and the custom which is without that reservation has no circumstance to replace it. The time to state that is when there is no reason to doubt a result. There never is a reason to doubt a result if there is a promise. If there is a promise it means that idleness is only another name for a thing.

Nothing is perplexing if there is an island. The special sign of this is in dusting. It then extends itself and as there is no destruction it remains a principle. This which makes that reveals that and revelation is not fortuitous it is combined and ordered and a bargain. All this shows the condition to be erect. Suppose that there is no question, if there is no question then certainly the absence of no particular is not designed. And then when it is astonishing it is not liberty. Liberty is that which gathered together is not disturbed by distribution and not given without remark and not disturbed by frugality and an outline. All this makes the impression that is so disturbed that there is no question.

To answer when there is no question, to intend to follow when there is no plunging, to embody that which has that knowledge, all that is the way to remain with the little button that has a button-hole. This is so attached.

The heat of hearing is not the silence of answering and nothing is produced when the question is the same as the name. That is one way to answer and there might have been more but it was different, it was the same.

To put that question does not mean the mention of an author. To repeat the name is not the same when there is no chair.

If the message is sent and received and if the tunes have words then certainly there will be soon the center piece which has not been removed. Every little flower has a number. There is that way to question.

If there is no question and an answer is not a toilet, if there is no question is there any strangeness in a garden. Certainly not, the danger is not any color. It has the bloom and the sign of an early summer. There is no necessity to deface anything. An escape is not needed.

There is one question. In not asking a question the permission which is continued is so courteous that there is no moon-light. The time does keep the rain from startling more than a diary. This shows that there is no question and an answer is no meeting.

Was the explosion that authority, did it succeed more than yesterday, was there tomorrow before, these are not question asking, they are not existing missing, they are so applied that there is no joke, there is no pleasure. All the same the standard is there and the separation has a position, it has no repudiation, it has no hurrying centralization, it has nothing there. If to be there is mentioned then the whole response is the occasion. It is and there is more. There is no answer. There is turning. Turning is not a victim, it has no protection, it has no authority, it has a receipt.

The answer in the house is that talking is not the same thing as a lamb. So that was the way it came to be and the second answer came before the first.

Frown nowhere and do not change that space, that is the way to use the time to purchase mining pictures. The little darkness and no large lamp, all the light being together does not make everything strange. Please the daylight, show the ruins that there is water, do not disturb the lamp, make more noise than resting and more that is changed is changed and an agreement shows the pink not to be redder. All that partial resemblance to a disagreement and a reunion is not more questioned than no answer. Not any more choice is so determined, and yet, why is the season so ingrained in the early morning when noon is no later. There is always a return of any answer.

Plant the union of a question later, all the time has that change, the pink length and the satin fixture this does not make any question uncertain. A question if there is no answer is a question where there is no answer. To place more is always a way.

A large moist blue and a paler color, a large dust rose and no water nearer, a small tall frame and no building finer this makes a prediction that necessity is work and then why is there no question. There is no question because investigation is miraculous.

The objection and the perfect central table, the sorrow in borrowing and the hurry in a nervous feeling, the question is it really a plague, is it really an oleander, is it really saffron in color, the surmountable appetite which shows inclination to be warmer, the safety in a match and the safety in a little piece of splinter, the real reason why cocoa is cheaper, the same use for bread as for any breathing that is softer, the lecture and the surrounding large white soft unequal and spread out sale of more and still less is no better, all this makes one regard in a season, one hat in a curtain that in rising higher, one landing and many many more, and many more many more many many more.

I like to ask you questions. Do you believe that it is necessary to worship individuality. We do.

You mean that as a question.

They were questioned.

What is the difference between one order and a reading. A great many read in a park.

Words question it bakeries threaten it but really hotels receive it. Do we hear about books. Do we. And catalogues. And catalogues. Farmers for speech. A great many vines are said to be sold. In France. And in wealthy homes too. We do not understand the weather. That astonishes me.

Gertrude Stein, Geography and Plays


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