Ice Fishing in Gimli
by Rob Kovitz
8 volumes, boxed set
4750 pages, 6" x 8"
ISBN 978-0-9812869-0-7
Published by Treyf Books

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ice fishing in gimli : contents

volume 1

exposition of method

book one: house of squid
strange threshold
protasis (fish story)

book two: exodus
the relevance of a dispersal
wandering jew
road movie
new world

book three: song of the sibyl
the other side of the word
a glimpse of … something
counter-intelligence manual
plans for everybody

volume 2

book four: at the beach
surface tension
handbook of snow
the transport
primal fishing
society on ice
alien architectures
excerpts from the encyclopedia of
     underwater investigations

volume 3

book five: far interior
theory of man
towards a new architecture
how to tell an icelandic girl
the rotation method

volume 4

book five: far interior (continued)
the rotation method (continued)

volume 5

book five: far interior (continued)
the rotation method (continued)

volume 6

book five: far interior (continued)
the rotation method (continued)
the sayings of hár
dead and cold

volume 7

book six: lives of the saints
the precise location of paradise

volume 8

book six: lives of the saints (continued)
witnesses of the redemption
the lonely passion of frederick philip grove

book seven: all the words you love
flosi’s end

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