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ice fishing in gimli : reviews + squibs (and an award)


"... it's like the Governor-General's award, the Giller and the Nobel Prize for artists' books all in one ..."

— excerpt from the author's acceptance speech

The Art Gallery of York University (AGYU), Artists' Book of the Moment award (ABotM).


*please note: the "A" in ABotM is silent

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reviews + features

The Globe and Mail, Focus section Endpaper

Marcus Boon, In Praise of Copying

John Coward, The Interlake Spectator

Brooke Ford, Broken Pencil

Virginie Doré Lemonde, Ciel variable

Alison Gillmor, Plug In ICA exhibition text

2nd progress edition, 2006

Gary Michael Dault, Border Crossings

Peter Goddard, Toronto Star

David Jager, NOW Magazine

Sigrid Dahle, YYZine

1st progress edition, 2004

Jeanne Randolph, Fuse Magazine




Some art pundits are hailing Ice Fishing in Gimli as one of the most significant works produced here in decades.

Alison Mayes, "The Buzz," Winnipeg Free Press

#1. Rob Kovitz's multi-volume ten-years-in-the-making Ice Fishing in Gimli bookwork is a classic already. Bravo to long term projects, I say.

Cliff Eyland, "2009 Critics' Picks," Akimblog

Ice Fishing in Gimli - a new nation to frolick in. Or perhaps more appropriately ice core to drill into.

Mrs O'Kana, Literature et folie

It's like a series of footprints ...

James Culleton, The Uniter

Bedtime reading ...

Cultural Flotsam

It was the cannibalism on Lake Winnipeg that got my attention

David Humniski, Interlake Spectator

The Best Books and Comics of 2009

The Coast

I am currently saving to buy the complete work. It is as far as I can see a phenomenal piece of work on adventure and existence.

Ralph Dorey, Go Forth and Thrash

I can't tell you what the point of Ice Fishing In Gimli is …

Jasia, "Reading the Unreadable," Midnight Poutine




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the art of poetry

If an artist chose to join a human head
To a horse’s neck and to cover with many-hued feathers
Limbs assembled in one from all over the place,
So that what was on top a lovely woman, below
Ended ugly and black in the shape of a fish,
Could you, my friends, refrain from bursting out laughing,
If you were allowed a private view of the thing?
Take my word, you Pisos, a picture like that
Would be perfectly matched by a book whose meaningless fancies
Were shaped like a sick man’s dreams, so that nowhere within it
Could foot or head be assigned to a single shape.

Horace, The Art of Poetry

Musée J.-Armand Bombardier

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