treyf 25th anniversary edition

games oligopolists play

"Oligopoly, like international diplomacy, labor-management negotiations, and so on, is one of the speediest and most thrilling of sports."

Games Oligopolists Play features oligopolists playing at Canada's favourite game, along with pointed commentary from noted hockey analysts Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien and Don Cherry.

Handsomely designed and printed, this book consists of texts and images from economic textbooks and various books and articles on hockey, combined, juxtaposed and ordered by the author in a completely subjective manner.

Sharp and funny political/social satire for beginning and advanced fans alike.




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Hal Niedzviecki, Broken Pencil
John Burns, Georgia Straight

Games Oligopolists Play
by Rob Kovitz
Treyf 25th Anniversary edition
2013, 2000, 1996

84 pages | 5x7" | paperback
ISBN 9780981286976 
$8 US / $10 CDN
artists' books | literary fiction
distribution by Ingram

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