by Rob Kovitz
Treyf 25th Anniversary edition
2014, 1992

292 pages | 7.5x9.25" | paperback
ISBN 9781927923085 
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"The Return of a Cult Classic" – Entertainment Weekly

pig city model farm

treyf 25th anniversary edition

"If we could suddenly see this arranged order as it will be seen in its full functioning, it is not to be doubted that many of the Civilized would be struck dead by the violence of their ecstasy."

PIG CITY MODEL FARM, a disturbing and amusing book about architecture, agriculture, and utopia. About instrumental thinking and rational method versus irony and doubt as anti-method. About copronomy and building design, model farms, country-life, class status in the Chinese countryside, Ultra-Sweet Pignectar, an architect's first sexual experience, Charles Fourier, Marcel Duchamp, paranoia, poisonous fruit, and how things become their opposite.

"A virtuosity of manipulation intent on confounding all elevating sentiments. Kovitz has a real talent at digging up slops."

— Ken Hayes, The Splinter

"Is this a new form of discourse in step with its multivalent, chaotic times, or merely an excuse for intellectual laziness? Only the author knows for sure."

— Marco Polo, Canadian Architect

"I like it very much."

— Cedric Price, AA Files



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Ken Hayes, The Splinter
Cedric Price, AA Files
Marco Polo, Canadian Architect

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