Room Behavior
by Rob Kovitz
Treyf 25th Anniversary edition
2013, 1997

282 pages | 5.875x8.25" | paperback
ISBN 9780981286990 
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treyf 25th anniversary edition

room behavior

"The purpose of a room derives from the special nature of a room. A room is inside. This is what people in rooms have to agree on, as differentiated from lawns, meadows, fields, and orchards."

Room Behavior is a book about rooms. Consists of texts and images from crime scene photographs, decorating manuals, anthropological studies, performance art, literature, the Bible, etc. A darkly funny rumination about the behavior of rooms and the people that they keep.

"Like the rooms he depicts, the pages of this book are host to an evocative and thought-provoking life of their own."

— Uptown Magazine

"Strange and clever."

— Globe & Mail

"The book is a unique mini-coffee table paperback, beautifully designed.... Much more than a 'gift' book, Room Behavior is something to pause and reflect on whenever you think about rearranging your furniture."

— Fast Forward

"This is a book to keep, to review again and again. Funny, but deep.”

— Umbrella



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Christine Landry, Uptown Magazine
Karen Finstad, FFWD Weekly

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