treyf : imagination


I was bored. That was how it started. Anything I ever did that amounted to anything—or not—has always been the result of being sick of doing something else. Imagination by default.

Douglas Brooker, LA Women

These words are quoted here to mislead those who will be misled by them. They mean, not what the reader may care to think they mean, but what they say. In view of the average reader's tendency to label, and of topical dangers to which any man, whether honest, or intelligent, or subtle, is at present liable, it may be well to make the explicit statement that neither these words nor the author is the property of any political party, faith, or faction.

James Agee and Walker Evans, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

"Time," he said. "There's so much reading you can do. So many exercises. You have to find ways to make it go past. To fill it. You know what I mean? Time which is so valuable—in jail you've got to kill it. But I'm writing a book. I'm making notes for it now. "

E. L. Doctorow, The Book of Daniel